Most organizations today depend in an ever-expanding network perimeter of internet-facing devices, web applications and portals and third-party services. These systems perform business critical functions such as enable communication, host e-commerce platforms and support business operations. This expansion, however necessary, creates a much larger threat surface that attackers can exploit to gain access to business networks and sensitive data. Combined with almost daily discoveries of new software bugs, zero-day vulnerabilities and rapidly evolving strains of malware, organizations face significant risks to business operations and secure sensitive data.

HackedResearch has shown that, on average, Internet-facing devices and applications are probed within minutes of being placed on the network. Attackers use automated hacking tools to  continuously search the Internet for vulnerable targets and catalogue exploitable weaknesses. Most these these are targets of opportunity that can be compromised at will. A recent study by the University of Michigan found that it takes an attacker less than 15 hours to locate an internet facing device, discover its weaknesses and compromise it to gain access to an organization’s internal networks and systems. The resulting security breach could ruin an organization’s reputation and  lead  to serious legal and financial liability.

To combat these internet-borne threats, organizations must maintain a constant vigil over their critical systems and internet-facing devices with Continuous Internet Security Monitoring.

Continuous Internet Security Monitoring  provides 24/7/365 security monitoring of an organization’s internet perimeter for exploitable vulnerabilities and weaknesses, outdated software, device access misconfigurations, expire software modules and components, expired SSL certificate and other security issues. Attackers are already monitoring your network. Don’t let them discover your vulnerabilities before you do.

MCGlobalTech Internet Continuous Security Monitoring Services

MCG Guardian is a next-generation cloud-based Internet security monitoring and vulnerability management platform. The MCG Guardian Monitoring platform brings together leading commercial technologies and open source tools consolidated into one solution that helps keep your IT infrastructure and websites secure from breach.

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Platform benefits include:

  • Low Monthly Payments with contracts as short at 6 Months.
  • No Hardware or Software installation and management cost.
  • Cloud Solution: Always available regardless of client physical location.
  • Scalable: Grows with your organization with ability to monitor all Internet-facing devices and websites.
  • Fully-Automated: 24/7 vulnerability and malware detection, exploit testing and uptime monitoring
  • Real-time notification: Immediate email notification of new vulnerabilities and weaknesses discovered.
  • Built-in Vulnerability Management Capability
  • Real-Time Trending and Reporting
  • Vulnerability Remediation and Corrective Action Recommendations

Platform Features: 

     Continuous Security and Vulnerability Monitoring

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Daily automated vulnerability testing of DMZ servers, routers, firewalls and other devices for security weaknesses that develop over time including:

  • Device mis-configuration
  • Open ports that should not be
  • Vulnerable applications or services running
  • Expired digital certificates or weak encryption
  • Outdated software and much more


Website Malware and Security Monitoring

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24/7 monitoring of your websites for malware and blacklisting. You are notified immediately if infection is detected or your website is blacklisted. Our MCG Guardian “Secure” website seals increased the confidence of your customers and website visitors in the security of your website and their data.


Internet System Uptime Monitoring

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24/7 monitoring to ensure both your internally and externally hosted internet-facing websites and devices are online and responsive. You are immediately notified if an asset goes offline.


MCG Guardian Continuous Monitoring Service gives you and your customers the peace of mind of having Internet Security Experts proactively monitoring all your internet-facing websites, applications and devices 24/7 for exploitable vulnerabilities, new threats, misconfigurations, expired components and plugins and other weaknesses that could turn into costly, embarrassing security breaches.

The MCG Guardian platform gives our Security Monitoring Team a hacker’s-eye view of your network and systems from the Internet. We notify you immediately upon discovery of problems that could lead to a breach. Our security analysts provide detailed analysis of root cause and potential impact of each security issue discovered, as well as, actions needed to fix the problem.

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On-demand Manual Penetration Testing

MCG Guardian subscribers receive discounts on customized and comprehensive vulnerability assessments and penetration tests of your Internal IT infrastructure and web applications by our Certified Ethical Hackers. Our team conducts expert validation of vulnerabilities that cannot be identified through automated means.



What makes MCG Guardian different?

The MCG Guardian Team comprises of experienced security risks and vulnerability management analysts and security researchers. Our platform is managed and supported by an ISO 27001 certified security management program. Our Risk Management Analysts have provided services to global financial institutions, healthcare organizations, small and medium sized businesses and state and federal government agencies.

Our world-class security research team is industry-recognized and have made over 100+ responsible disclosures of new security flaws and vulnerabilities in many popular applications and systems in use by both government and industry today, including acknowledgements from Blue Chip companies for finding security flaws in their products and technologies. Our research of new security threats have been recognized amongst the top ten contributors, next to HP and Cisco for Packet Storm and releasing 33 Zero Day Exploits of previously unknown security vulnerabilities.

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