Infusing security principles and disciplines into the business continuum is critical to accomplishing the mission of private sector entities and government agencies.  Implementing inter-reliant assurance engineering within the current production is a proven method for affecting progressive change within client organizations.  Most organizations are continually seeking government and industry practices to improve their business operations.  Assurance engineering leverages applicable agency and industry practices that prescribe methodologies to improve and ensure the business continuum.

To address the vast and continually changing technology landscape, MCGlobalTech employs specific industry-proven technology practices.  MCGlobalTech’s assurance engineering process utilizes security technology best practices, security systems integration and lessons learned, to provide proven security guidance to system and application developers.  Above all, MCGlobalTech’s assurance engineering program focuses on and is driven by business and mission requirements.  Requirements provide the guidance of what to do (how to apply the practices and standards) and facilitate synchronization of the security requirements and functional business requirements enabling the client’s mission.

MCGlobalTech’s assurance engineering program consists of:

  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
  • Milestone security reviews
  • Engineering/re-engineering reviews
  • Security solutions to improve the client’s business continuum.