MCGlobalTech’s Security Risk Management (SRM) Program incorporates processes that describe the procedural steps to identify, capture, escalate, mitigate, and manage business risks and material weaknesses. Our SRM program provides our clients with a means to enhance systems security and operational performance and facilitate informed decision-making. The SRM program is a metrics-based program that measure risks and performance throughout the life cycle in an iterative approach – before, during and after. The SRM process principal goal is to protect the client and its ability to perform its mission, not just its IT assets. Additionally, MCGlobalTech’s SRM coordinates the synchronization of potential impairment to operations with effective levels of security controls and mitigations. The SRM allows for managing security risk (to include interdependencies), developing policies, ensuring policy compliance, monitoring the adequacy of the certification and accreditation process, and managing and prioritizing risk identified through a consolidation of Plans of Action and Milestones (POA&M’s) for effective resource utilization (funding and time sensitivity).

The benefits of MCGlobalTech’s SRM Program includes:

  • Eliminiating material security weaknesses Risk-Management
  • Streamlining responses to internal and external data calls (GAO, IG, ad hoc reports)
  • Effectively address risks and risk drivers across the enterprise
  • Establishing a basis for prioritization of an effective resource utilization
  • Facilitating accountability through assignment, management and tracking risk mitigation activities
  • Establishing a centralized repository of reusable data